Vondell McCoy – 2/15/12


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Budget is racist; Vondell McCoy; Beaver County Times; February 15, 2012.

Mr. McCoy wrote one previous letter I critiqued (“Obama’s wishful thinking”) and one I did not (“Leave ‘don’t ask’ up to the troops”).

Below is a detailed critique of the subject letter.

“In regard to Gov. Corbett’s $27.1 billion budget holding the line on education funding, this is racism in its highest form.”

[RWC] Is Mr. McCoy channeling Lonzie Cox, Jr., or maybe J.D. Prose?  You may find interesting Mr. McCoy’s post on the Black Talk Radio Network website.

Mr. McCoy apparently defines “holding the line on education funding” as increasing education spending by $183 million (1.8%).

“This is a way to control who works where in the industry of tomorrow, as certified technicians or as janitors.  I see no other reason for a proposal like this.  He is trying to control the labor force through creating a disadvantage for a certain class in our education system.  That is called racism.”

[RWC] Mr. McCoy appears to treat “class” and race as synonyms.  According to the 2010 census, whites make up 81.9% of the Pennsylvania population.  Even if Mr. Corbett is a closet racist and Mr. McCoy’s incredible accusation is true, wouldn’t there be a huge amount of collateral damage?

“We have a Marcellous [sic] shale industry booming in this state, plans for cracking plants, and a whole lot of Marcellus shale supportive industries coming to this state.  Of course, education will be the key to working in these industries, and he is proposing to make it hard for the disadvantaged to get an education in this state.  No education = no gainful employment.”

[RWC] Why doesn’t Mr. McCoy go after the colleges for increasing tuition faster than the inflation rate?  You can find more about this in my critique of “Corbett’s priorities make no sense” (Don Skinner, 3/13/11).

“Access to funds to help one go to even a community college will help decide who works as managers or janitors in this industry and keep people off welfare.  What say you about a proposal from the governor that is seeking to keep people on welfare, instead of encouraging them to educate to participate in a trillion dollar industry in their own state?”

[RWC] Since the money to pay for welfare comes from taxpayers – including racist taxpayers, why would a racist “seek to keep people on welfare?”  After all, wouldn’t a racist want to get these folks’ hands out of his pocket?  For those who agree with Mr. McCoy’s assertion, be sure to think things through before you answer those questions.  That said, to me racism isn’t rational so perhaps paying people you hate to keep or put them on welfare with your own money makes sense to a racist.

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